Comprehensive tuckshop outsourcing in Queensland schools

Metro Canteens believes in providing schools with comprehensive tuckshop outsourcing. This means supplying fresh and healthy food for students to support them in their learning journey. We pride ourselves on serving our freshly prepared foods every school day and strictly comply with the ‘Smart Choices, Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools’. Each meal is homemade and will be freshly made and prepared daily on-site in your school canteen.

To make ordering more efficient, we can utilise the QKR or Flexischools ordering app to support students and families to order online at their leisure and with parental supervision. Online ordering means students do not have to wait for service, making the most of their lunch break. They pick up their meal, and their choice is guaranteed.

We will work with you to understand the needs of the families and roll out the app accordingly. We currently deploy the online ordering system to 90% of our school canteens.

Timely delivery of quality meals is critical to successfully nourishing hungry students and something we take it seriously in our canteen outsourcing. To ensure timely delivery is met and exceeded, we employ a 7-minute traffic management KPI.

This means it takes 7 minutes for students to arrive at the canteen, select a meal, be served, and exit the canteen to eat their lunch.
This runs efficiently with all operational procedures in place to handle the large volume of student service.

We do not believe in a simple ‘heat & serve’ menu, nor in food being prepared off-site, pre-packed and transported frozen. You get to see our Quality Assurance systems at work. All students deserve freshly prepared food on-site daily.

Student canteen support initiative

Metro Canteens Queensland is proud to provide a Student Tuckshop Initiative where students who wish to work in the tuckshop and get paid can do so.
With parental consent to work in the canteen, two students, who have expressed interest, may be selected each term to participate in this program – this could total eight students per year.

Your appointed Tuckshop Manager will train and support these students to ensure all occupational health and safety procedures and protocols are read and understood by the students. The benefits students gain from this program, through learning lessons and supporting their peers, will help them in their life journey and throughout their careers.

Student working in the canteen

Added benefits of the program include:

    • Building empathy towards fellow students
    • Being paid for their service at the Junior Award Rate
    • Basic hospitality and kitchen operations
    • Financial management
    • Assisting in attaining the 7 min KPI
    • Gaining confidence and understanding through positive interaction and customer service skills

Vegetable garden initiative

As an aspect of our thorough canteen outsourcing in Adelaide and beyond, we believe in supporting schools and students from within. If your school operates a vegetable garden or you would like to establish one in consultation with us, we will negotiate, at supermarket retail prices, to purchase produce grown in the garden, to then be prepared and served in the canteen. We are also happy to provide scraps from the canteen to be used as compost for the garden.

We have found that this practice:

  • Encourage students to gain self-confidence and develop responsibility
  • Supports the physical and mental health of students
  • Promotes environmental and financial sustainability
  • Fosters teamwork and collaboration skills amongst students

If you’d like to know more about our Vegetable Garden Initiative, please get in touch via our contact page.

Vegetable Garden

The Metro Canteens Group began its ambition to provide valuable canteen operations in 1991 with a contract to operate one canteen. Since then, it has expanded to include over 180 schools nationally and approximately 40 in South Australia. Our policy of controlled, steady growth means we continue to grow while Metro Canteens continues to guarantee schools a financial return from their canteen operation.

School catering

In addition to our tuckshop outsourcing in Queensland, Metro Canteens offers catering for any and all events hosted within Queensland schools. We can cater for any event by preparing flavourful, healthy food in line with the style or size of the occasion.

This includes events like:

  • Parent/Teacher interviews
  • Staff Meetings
  • Board Meetings

We can tailor our menu to specific events, offering soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch meetings, homemade pastries and treats for morning tea, and even hot meals for evening functions. We will work with you to design the perfect menu.

Boarding house

Metro Canteens Queensland understands that healthy food is vital to every child’s upbringing and an essential part of their day-to-day routine.

Metro Canteens Queensland caters for boarding houses of all sizes by providing freshly prepared, healthy meals designed by our qualified nutritionist. When designing our menus, we consider all aspects and demographics of students.

This includes:

  • Dietary requirements
  • Dietary choices
  • Input from students and families
  • Religious requirements, e.g.,
  • Halal

This enables us to deliver a home-away-from-home experience to all boarding students.

Additionally, our boarding house catering staff and services are subjected to the same standards as our canteen staff – all have the proper food preparation and safety training and valid DCSI Working with children clearance certification.

Operating Queensland school tuckshops for 18 years

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